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Mayisha Expeditions is your ultimate Safari tour company that specializes in creating unique, memorable and customized African travel adventures.

Lodging Options to Suit your Budget

Tailored to provide the ultimate safari experience with accommodation to match! Enjoy the finest lodges and resorts, complimented by fine dinning prepared by local chefs, as your travel across beautiful Uganda. Wildlife and landscapes that cannot be found elsewhere, along with close encounters, will make for a trip of a lifetime.

Tailored & Incredible Wildlife Experiences

Our most popular packages consist of our comfort accommodation options for guests. The comfort tours do not compromise on wildlife sightings or adventure and still offer every element of an outstanding experience. The lodges provided are very comfortable, clean and sure to meet your every need. Local cuisine and hospitable service provided by the staff are frequently complimented by our guests.

Highest Levels of Service & Hospitality

The budget option is designed for travellers who still want to see all the sights and wildlife, but may not need all the luxury when resting for the night. Accommodation is always clean and comfortable and Ugandan charm and service will still impress you. Rooms may be a bit smaller and the cuisine may not be quite as fancy, but still sure to fill you with nutritious and delicious prepared local food.

Tailoring adventures to suit your desired comfort level.

Uganda is a country with a wide variety of landscapes and wildlife, making it a popular destination for adventure travel. However, not all travelers are looking for the same level of adventure. Some people prefer to relax in luxurious lodges and enjoy leisurely game drives, while others are looking for more challenging experiences like hiking in the mountains or whitewater rafting.

Our Personalized Services

Mayisha Expeditions understands that different travelers have different comfort levels. We are able to tailor adventures to suit each individual’s needs. For example, we offer a “Luxury Safari” package that includes stays in our five-star lodges, private game drives, and gourmet meals. We also offer a “Backpacker Safari” package that includes camping in national parks, self-driving, and simple meals.

We believe that everyone should be able to experience the beauty of Uganda, regardless of their budget or comfort level. That’s why we offer a variety of safari packages to choose from. We want you to have the adventure of a lifetime, and we’ll work with you to create a package that’s perfect for you.

Destination planning

At Mayisha Expeditions, we help you plan your entire trip, from booking flights and accommodations to arranging transportation and activities. we also help customize your trip to fit your interests and budget.


We help you book a variety of accommodations, from budget-friendly hostels to luxurious lodges. We also help you find accommodations that are located in the best areas for your activities.


We arrange transportation to and from your destination, as well as transportation within your destination. We as well help you book private cars, vans, or buses for your group.


We book a variety of activities, such as game drives, hiking, whitewater rafting, and bird watching. Our company also helps you find activities that are suitable for your fitness level and interests.

Visas and permits

At Mayisha Expeditions, we help you obtain the necessary visas and permits for your trip. We also assist you with the paperwork and logistics of getting your visas and permits


Mayisha Expeditions helps you purchase travel insurance. This can be important in case you need medical attention or have your luggage lost or stolen.

Our latest Expeditions

Mayisha Expeditions is excited to share our latest projects, which showcase the innovative and creative work that we have been doing recently. We are pushing the boundaries of our field by offering cutting-edge technology and captivating design. Our latest projects are a testament to our team’s expertise and dedication, and we are thrilled to show you what we have been working on.

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